What’s in a name?

First, let me say welcome to Fancy Fiber Hosting.

Why did we choose that name? It sounds kind of strange.

We know. We understand. We like it. Here is the explanation:

Fancy Fiber Farm is our parent company that is also owned by the same people that own Fancy Fiber Hosting. We use the same merchant account and website to keep our costs down, so we can pass along the savings to you, our valued customer.

We like the alpacas so we felt compelled to continue having one consistent look and feel to our related sites, rather than have them change significantly as you travel from location to location in our domain. This was simply a choice we made when we started offering this service.

We also like that Fiber has double meaning to us. In the alpaca sense, fiber is the hair that they grow, that we shear off and turn into products for sale. In the computer sense, fiber is a type of cable used to transmit data. Things really seemed to fit together in our minds anyway when starting the concept.

We believe that Fancy applies to both business as well. We prefer to sell the fancy patterned alpacas at the farm and we like to design fancy websites for our customers in our hosting business.

Thanks for visiting and hope you come on back soon!

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