Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps

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Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps (http://bcarparking.com) had a previous website built using a back-end database of options and images placed in the right places. The site that was hosting it stopped supporting it in favor of a new version of a similar process. They made the decision not to migrate the website to the new version as it was getting increasingly difficult to manage as they wanted new features that weren’t offered by the solution. Getting them to a WordPress solution was actually a two-step process.

The first step in the process was pulling the current site out of the database back-end and making it a stand-alone website on a new hosting provider. This process wasn’t too difficult, but did require working with the hosting provider to gain access to some of the database queries that built the site. Once those were in place and generated differently on the stand-alone site, the DNS settings were moved to the new hosting provider and the site looked exactly the same on a new server.

The next step was to design a new website on WordPress. Our designer created a Photoshop design and we then cut that up and created WordPress templates for the various pages on the site. BCAR also had a deadline to be able to accept electronic payments on the website and we had to work with their banking institution to get the process in place in time. It was a very successful migration to the new site.


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