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CampbellNet Soluctions ( came to us with a template and a concept of what they wanted done with their site and we were able to fully accommodate all of their requests. The template they came with was a purchased HTML only template that needed to be updated with new colors to match their design, and converted over to a WordPress theme where they could add various page types. While this in itself isn’t a difficult task, there were some special features that were needed for them that were included in the theme, listed below:

  • Slider images with text links on the home page. Needed a simple method of managing the images and text.
  • Custom drop-down menu functions included in the theme needed to be converted to WordPress functionality.
  • Ability to change the home page text with out knowing any HTML
  • Services and Solutions pages would  have been unimaginably long with the amount of descriptive text needed on these pages if not for the use of jQuery to only display a single section of interest on the page at a time
  • Partner logos needed to be managed in a very simple manner in the backend

The site wasn’t the most complex site we have created, but it was a good exercise in taking HTML and CSS provided to us and making it into a full featured WordPress template. We have done this on several projects since then as well and are willing to do the same for your website if needed to keep the costs more reasonable.

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