Target Account Campaign

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Target Account Campaign ( may not look like anything special from the front-end, but the back-end and the functionality it provides is very special for partners using this site. The main page is really just a sample of what your own personal marketing campaign landing page can look like. Everything on the page can be customized to  your own unique specifications in the WordPress admin panel, but still fitting into the basic layout seen in the picture.

Each client is given a unique sub-domain, like Using global sub-domain redirection the domains do not have to be created in the cPanel for the host, it is simply configured in the Admin Panel for that client and WordPress pulls the proper information for that account.

The sections of the page are managed using custom fields, and were created purely from custom code. We have since been using Advanced Custom Fields in our projects for similar functionality recently. Though ACF was not flexible enough for this project at the time, I’m sure we could accomplish it now with the current expanded code set.

As with most modern sites, JavaScript and jQuery play an important role in the functionality, and this is no exception. The rotating testimonials were built with custom code and again, are fully customized for each client. The signup form does typical validations and submits the form to their custom email management solution.

We built a framework for the folks at Mission Partners to create a unique marketing tool for their clients. This tool has been proving invaluable to the clients marketing efforts and has been used in direct mail campaigns in their target markets with great success. We are proud to have been able to create a site that has been helping small businesses grow.

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